Monday, November 18, 2013

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes: Heather and Joe's Jeep
I've noticed we're getting more requests for non-traditional wedding cakes, specifically, sculpted themed cakes showcasing a couple's interest or culture. Wedding couples are constantly seeking out  new ways to personalize their wedding and make the experience unique and memorable for their guests. Having a sculpted showpiece cake with a huge "WOW" factor and an instantly recognizable theme is one of many ways couples are making an impact with their guests. We love the anything-goes attitude we're seeing with wedding cakes, and we encourage our couples to get as creative as possible. Luckily, Rick is up to the task and ready to take on nearly any challenge! We already have some very interesting non-traditional wedding cakes planned for next year, and are excited to make them!  Here is one of our recent favorites, with more to follow on the blog this week!
Heather and Joe's Jeep with Paddleboards (above):

Rick made a sculpted replica of the couple's orange jeep. The jeep and its tires are all sculpted out of cake. On top of the cake, were the couple's custom paddleboards, one with a design of the Hawaiian flag and the other with a bamboo pattern and pink edging. The couple loves the beach and goes stand up paddleboarding - this cake was perfect for them! Their coconut and guava flavored cake was delivered to the picturesque Moli'i Gardens at Kualoa Ranch. 

On our next post we have another non-traditional wedding cake to share. The gorgeous wedding cake took Rick many hours to make and honors the bride's culture and where the couple met. 


White Mountain Chef said...

As the parents of the bride (Heather McRae) we were incredibly impressed with the Jeep's intricate details. They achieved their one-of-a-kind cake to add to their one-of-a-kind wedding on Oahu. Thank you for your talent. Steve & Mary McRae

cakelava said...

Thank you Steve and Mary, for reaching out to us! Heather and Joe were a pleasure to work with and they brought us a fun and challenging one-of-a-kind design. We are glad to hear the cake was a hit!

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