Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girl Fest Hawaii Cake

We knew as soon as we received the "Save the Date" poster for Girl Fest Hawaii 2009, that Rick was going to use the scene in the poster in some way on the cake he was making for the soft opening of Girl Fest, last Friday night. It was a powerful depiction of women of all cultures united for a single cause, beautifully painted by artist Kristen Napier. As we discussed possibilities for the cake, we both agreed that we didn't want to deconstruct the poster onto a stacked or sculpted cake because the piece on its own made such an impact. It represented everything we wanted on the cake and it was then decided Rick would handpaint the scene on the cake with a lovely frame around it. Since the soft opening was in honor of local women artists who had their work displayed throughout the gallery, this would fit in perfectly!

During a busy weekend of many cakes including the ones shown on the blog this week, Rick had his work cut out for him. He spent a number of hours painting the intricate scene from the Girl Fest poster, and we were proud of the work, and so were the ladies when we delivered the cake. There were over 200 people that showed up that night to support the cause, including Shonna Hammon Glenn, one of the artists featured. Shonna, like us, was a sponsor of Girl Fest and wrote us a very sweet Thank You note following the opening:

Thanks again! Just wanted to let you know your cake was a huge hit! We even had to station two girls to guard it until 6:30pm. The place was packed all night despite the water main break and First Friday. I figure at least 200 people came. People wanted your cards and were still talking about it yesterday at the roller derby. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t get lots of business from it. And it made all the Girl Fest girls feel special. My kids are looking forward to seeing you on the Food Network!

Thank you,

For more information on Girl Fest, which runs through Saturday, please visit their website at There is a schedule packed with activities for you to attend. We also posted previously about the fest on our blog.

Join us next time to read about another great cause we are involved with and so excited about! This one will really appeal to the cakers out there.


Unknown said...

This is the artist, kristen, This looks amazing! you guys are so talented, I wish i could of been there to see it in person, im on the mainland at school. Mahalo for all the nice things you said about the work :)

cakelava said...

Hi Kristen! Sorry we didn't have a chance to meet you at GirlFest but at least we got to connect this way. We are thrilled to hear how much you liked the cake. You did an amazing job on the poster! Take care!

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