Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Four and A Half Foot Stunner!

Images courtesy of VISIONARI

We just returned from a fun-filled week in Florida! Having been absent from the blog for over a week, we knew upon returning we were going to go BIG -- and Linh and Roger's towering four and a half foot ivory and platinum wedding cake would be perfect!

Linh and Roger were married a little over a month ago at the iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel (the Pink Hotel) on Waikiki Beach, in the Monarch Room, a huge ballroom with a pink interior. The fabulous Yvonne Design team of floral and lighting designers completely transformed the Monarch Room over the course of two days from pink to white at the couple's request. They used over 2000 yards of ribbon and 200 phalaenopsis orchids for the installation behind the head table. Flowers and real crystals were found abundantly throughout the room and it was without a doubt, one of the most blinged out events we have ever done!

For this platinum wedding, Linh and Roger wanted a BIG cake that would cause all their guests jaws to drop and would be a key focal point at the wedding. Rick took his design duties very seriously, to assure their cake would be worthy of talking about for years to come. Colors would be limited to ivory and silver. It would be several feet tall, with large amounts of handcrafted flowers, romantic swirl detailing and drapery and a fair amount of bling. Rick spent a couple days making all the ivory flowers by hand, custom small brooches for the draping, and creating the pole apparatus for the top tiers to sit upon. This was a cake that required meticulous advance planning both in the making of the cake and in the on-site set up.

Upon arriving at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, we were met by Alex Garcia of Yvonne Design and one of his assistants who came out to help us transport the cake. We didn't know he would be there and we were so touched by their kindness. Rick and Alex transported the wedding cake to the large table that was exquisitely covered with Les Saisons custom linen. Rick carefully assembled the cake and as the cake "grew" so did the crowd watching him. No pressure on Rick of course! He was concentrating so intensely it didn't seem to phase him, or maybe that is how it appeared. The crystals dangling from the tier were placed ever so gently as was each piece until "The Reveal", which was absolutely gorgeous! We couldn't be happier. The cake matched perfectly with the amazing backdrop and the rest of the stunning decor in the room. It was an incredible team of vendors and one of the most extravagant weddings at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. We want to thank everyone who contributed to an unforgettable wedding and to Yvonne Design and VISIONARI for sharing the images with us!

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Deeva said...

And what a stunner it is, from the color palette to the decorating. This is one gorgeous cake!

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