Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Softball Cake

What's a summer without sports themed cakes. For you sports fans out there, stay tuned because we will be sharing some of our newest sculpted sports cakes on the blog. This sculpted softball glove and ball was made for a high school graduation party earlier this month. Our client ordered a surprise softball cake for her daughter Lindsey who loves to play softball and will continue to play in college. She requested a yellow softball instead of the classic white, which made for a striking contrast in the glove. While the look of the cake was leather and earthy, the inside flavor of the cake was Guava Lava, pretty pink, sweetly fruity and absolutely delicious!

Lindsey is a winner on the field and off as far as we're concerned! She and her mother Faye were so gracious to us on the day of the party and Lindsey was completely surprised and perhaps a little overwhelmed when she saw her cake. On the night of the party, Faye sent us this thank you note:

Dear Rick and Sasha,
Thank you soooo very much for the fabulous softball & glove guava cake!!! This was a surprise for Lindsey so she was in a state of awe when she saw the cake. She loved it and almost didn't want to cut it! But, when it did get cut, she wanted to be the one to cut it, no one else!!!
Everyone was amazed by the cake. Our cousin's daughter, who is 10, had written a school paper on your bakery and cake challenges so she was really thrilled to have the chance to see a design and get to taste it as well.
We shared some of the pieces with the banquet staff and they loved it as well...............
thank you again for a wonderful experience.......
Faye M

Congratulations to Lindsey!


Deeva said...

Phenomenal! Very detailed.

Pink Little Cake said...

OMG!! I am not asking...I just have to many questions about this cake in my mind. What a wonderful job!! Amazing guys!

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