Friday, December 10, 2010

Kristin and Joel's Wedding Cake 

Images courtesy of Rachel Robertson Photography 

For the past 12 hours the weather in Hawaii has been miserable with a capital "M".  The rain has been coming down in sheets.  There is thunder and lightning. The wind has been howling, knocking over power lines and trees, businesses have lost power (luckily we did not!) and we're all hoping for the sunnier days we're used to!

A miserable, gloomy day like today needs a little sunshine.  Today's blog is dedicated to everyone who is suffering in cold, snowy, wet, dreary weather and dreaming about sunnier days.  Kristin and Joel's Hawaiian sunset wedding cake makes me think about laying out at the beach and catching some rays.  Rick's design has managed to capture some of my favorite things about Hawaii -- the palms and lush greenery, watching a sunset that looks like its receding into the ocean, spending time at the beach, and the beautiful carved hawaiian art.

Kristin and Joel were married at the Halekulani in Waikiki, a perfect setting for a Hawaiian themed wedding cake.  When we met with them to work on their cake design they had a few requests.  They wanted something with a Hawaiian feel that was fun with flowers, tikis and surfboards.  The primary colors they wanted to be used were orange and green.  They selected our Banana Blueberry Mascarpone and Hot Fudge Sundae flavors to serve their 100+ guests.  Below an image of the couple during their cake cutting, photographed by the fabulous Rachel Robertson.  Joel is an officer in the Navy and like many of our military couples, chose to use a sword to cut the cake.  Love it!  Congratulations Kristin and Joel!


Stefanie said...

How do you guys handle it when the weather gets bad and you have a cake to deliver?

cakelava said...

we've been extremely lucky to have only delivered a handful of cakes in the rain in all our years of business. Large umbrellas help and hopefully if its an outdoor wedding there is either a Plan B or a tent for their guests.

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