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2013, A Year in Review - The First Half - B.E.C., Part 1
Happy New Year! Another year of cake adventures is behind us, and what a year it has been! We've already hit the ground running in 2014 and have some amazing cakes in store for our clients. Earlier this week Rick asked me if I was going to do a 2013 retrospective on the blog. Wow! was it that time already? I really enjoy writing the retrospective and we both love reminiscing about the past year. 2013 came to a close much faster than I was ready for (as did Christmas and New Years) and my Year in Review almost didn't happen. Almost...

2013 was different than any other year in our lives because it was the year our first book, Extreme Cakeovers was released. The book was released on July 9th in stores everywhere. We knew it would make for an especially hectic year since we were still making cakes for cakelava during the other 11 months. In July, in addition to our book commitments, we flew to Boston for a week, where Rick taught two cake classes at The Cake World. Because the book brought such a frenzy of excitement and anxiety to our year, we referred to the months before July as B.E.C. (Before Extreme Cakeovers) and afterwards as A.E.C.

In addition to everything book-related in 2013, we were blessed with the opportunity to make some of the best cakes and most unusual designs Rick has ever done! We've included a selection of some favorites done in two groups of four parts - B.E.C., made in the months of January through June, and A.E.C., from August to December.


We often reminisce about the Samoan tribal tattoo wedding cake (photo above). The groom's tattoo inspired Rick's design, which he hand painted freehand and airbrushed.

Making a fondant covered cake with ruffles that look like torn pieces of fabric in the Hawaiian humidity is no easy task, but we had a bride that desperately wanted one and Rick decided to take on the challenge. The cake looked delicate and beautiful in person and was a nice change for us to do an all white cake.

Sculpted Fonseca vintage 1963 Port bottle birthday cake. It looked right at home in the wine cellar nestled amongst the other bottles. The cake looked so realistic, it fooled many of the guests!

There is a beautiful, touching story that accompanies these two football helmets made for a Super Bowl party. Our client ordered the cakes for her birthday and decided to have them donated to a local emergency shelter for the teenagers to enjoy during the Super Bowl. We were thrilled to deliver the good news (and the cakes!) to the Shelter on behalf of our client, who requested her gift to remain annonymous.

Our first cake of it's type and made for a special client of ours to share with her family at their Oscar's party. Read the backstory on the cake and it's delivery here.
Rick made a sculpted USS Hawaii (SSN 776) with Diamond Head in the background, for Cmdr. Stephen Mack's Change of Command Ceremony. The cake was a huge hit at the event and upon delivery, his wife presented us with a very special coin, which you can see here.

We adore our clients the Santiagos and were so honored when they asked Rick to make Ernie's 60th Birthday cake, a sculpted bust of Ernie as Mr. USA 1983! Read the full story and see photos of the man in action past and present here.

We've made cakes for various family members of these clients for years and were thrilled when we were contacted right after Cameron was born, so they could book his first birthday cake! When we heard what the theme was and that they wanted to add a Hawaiian touch, Rick couldn't wait to make their cake! We thought it turned out so cute!
Like several of the cakes above, we made the mermaid with a sculpted treasure chest for one of our regular clients who were celebrating both their son and daughter's birthdays together. Our cake making history with the couple started with their 3 foot tall wedding cake and a spectacular groom's cake. We've been making cakes for them ever since! The treasure chest was sculpted cake and all jewels and the mermaid were handmade. The cake took a ton of time but was oh so worth it!

Another ocean themed cake made B.E.C. was this striking cascade of colorful edible shells. Rick made the cake for a Sweet 16 beach themed party.
In Hawaii we're surrounded by ocean and get a fair amount of requests for cakes in that theme. This was Rick's first scuba diver looking into a cave birthday cake. The cake was ordered as a gift to a marine biology major who loves to scuba dive. Every piece on the cake was made by hand and Rick estimated 4 to 5 hours were spent just on the diver and cave.

On our next post, we'll explore Part 2 of 2013 B.E.C. We have many more fun cakes to share!

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