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2013, A Year in Review - The First Half - B.E.C., Part 2
We continue with B.E.C., Part 2 of our 2013 Year in Review. If you missed Part 1 of our retrospective or are asking "What's B.E.C stand for?", you can catch up here.

B.E.C., Part 2 - January to June

You may have noticed a number of ocean/beach themed cakes in Part 1. As is often the case with cakes, trends emerge and suddenly Rick is making cake after cake with a similar theme. In the first half of 2013, for some reason, we had plenty of ocean themed cake requests. One of our favorite cake projects in that theme was an antique copper sculpted diver's helmet. Making an antique diver's helmet was on Rick's cake bucket list - he's always wanted to make one - so we were both excited when our client ordered one as a surprise 60th Birthday cake for her husband.
Rick made this yellow and white sculpted fishing boat cake for William's 50th Birthday. It came as no surprise the cake was yellow, as were many cakes we made that year. Like the antique diver's helmet, the fishing boat wasn't easy to make and was ordered by a woman for her husband's surprise birthday party. Both clients and their husbands were thrilled with the cake and it was a hit at the party, which made us very happy!
The two cakes above, a wedding and groom's cake, made for Grace and Dallas represent two more cake trends we noticed at cakelava in 2013 - yellow and or/gold colored wedding cakes, and incredibly complex sculpted vehicles (air and land). For Grace's wedding cake Rick did a freehand floral applique inspired by the bride's dress, a textured gold bottom tier and gorgeous handcrafted peonies. The groom's cake, a badass Kiowa Warrior helicopter for a pilot was as masculine as they come, and looked perfectly at home at the military wedding.

Another beautiful yellow wedding cake. This cake was actually inspired by Rick's 3-tier "Joy" design, and redesigned as a 2-tier. We love both versions! Stay tuned for more yellow wedding cakes in our next posts.
 Another sculpted vehicle cake, though this guy needs no introduction. It had been a while since Rick made this car and he enjoyed revisiting an old friend!

Our shop hasn't offered cupcakes in years, but in April Rick baked his mouthwatering Guava Lava and Banana Nutella cupcakes for the "I Love Kailua Town Party", a benefit for the Lani-Kailua Outdoor circle which helps keep our lovely hometown green and beautiful. We were happy to donate for a great cause! It's been a while since we've had a booth at the annual Kailua Town Party and we enjoyed mingling with our community (and the tens of thousands of attendees). Rick snapped this photo of me in our booth, standing next to a giant poster of our book cover, a special gift from our publisher! Though the cupcakes were thoroughly enjoyable - we ate several of them - it's a good thing we're not around them too often. They are too irresistible!
The Seuss themed cakes are always so much fun! All decorations and characters were handmade. After Rick made this cake, we got a request for another one, which we designed a little differently and will be shown later in A.E.C...
We had wondered when we were going to get a request for a sculpted Craps table with a Florida Gator and 2013 was our lucky year! It was one of our more unusual cakes of the year and we were so happy to do it, along with the couple's lovely wedding cake! Rick spent a good amount of time making the Gator figure and sculpting the cake. Our bride Marnie ordered the Craps table for her fiance Chris as a surprise groom's cake presented at their rehearsal dinner.
Another cakelava first, a sculpted Samoan kava bowl. Rick included handcrafted traditional Samoan decorations worn and used by the chiefs, in honor of Papa Mose's 70th Birthday.
We're ending Part 2 of B.E.C. with a cake Rick greatly enjoyed working on. wink. This NFL team and its iconic cheerleaders are instantly recognizable. The sculpted figure, a surprise gift from his wife, was made for Jeff's birthday party at a local steakhouse. Great steak and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders themed cake - a birthday meal that would make so many men jealous!

The selection of cakes in Part 1 and 2 of B.E.C. (Before Extreme Cakeovers) were made by Rick in January to June. In the next post, we'll share some of our adventures in July including the book's release and our Boston classes, and then look at Part 3 - cakes made A.E.C.

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