Friday, April 22, 2011

Cute Lamb Baby Shower Cake
 One of our close friend's is pregnant with her first baby and last weekend had a baby shower which I attended.  We have known for a while that Rick would be making her a baby shower cake and weren't sure what he was going to make, until we received her absolutely adorable lamb themed baby shower invitation in the mail, and thought "Yes!  That's it!"  It was a perfect plan, a lamb baby shower cake that would also tie in with the couple's planned lamb themed nursery. 

Rick sculpted the lamb out of vanilla cake and made the handcrafted red daisies and little flowers to place on the grass.  We delivered Annie's lamb cake to the location of the baby shower and all the ladies commented how cute it was.  After the lunch, games and socializing, our little lamb was ready to be devoured.   People were afraid to cut the cake, as usual, so I came prepared with an apron and sharp knife, to do the honors.  Many of the women came back for seconds and also took a piece home for their husbands. 

It was an honor for us to be part of Annie's special day, and we can't wait to meet the baby!  Congratulations to Annie and Eric!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Paintball Cake!

Paintball.  The theme was too perfect for Rick.  It was colorful, edgy and doesn't take itself too seriously.  The request came from a woman wanting to surprise her husband at his paintball themed birthday party and we loved the idea!  Rick was given carte blanche on the design and took the cake to a level far beyond what the client expected.  She looked pretty amazed when she came to pick up her cake and was excited about surprising her husband with his Bananarama flavored cake.  It was an awesome theme to make in cake and a sweet, sweet ending to a fun day of playing paintball! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dan's 60th Birthday Cake!

The cakes with the custom figures set into a scene are so much fun to make.  A lot of work no doubt, but especially meaningful when we're making it for one of our favorite clients!  The occasion was a 60th Birthday for our client's father Bob. I remember when he approached us to make the cake, knowing precisely what he wanted and all the details he wanted to include.  I loved the story!  His father installs home theater systems and big screens and audio are a big part of who he is.  He's famous for the parties he throws at his home, where everyone shows up to watch football or movies.  He's a huge film buff and is the vice-president of a a cinema club that preserves and shows old movies set in the islands of the Pacific.  He also loves football and music, and used to own a Wurlitzer 1015.  He requested for Rick to make a living room scene set in their home where his father and his wife, and their chihuahua are sitting on the couch watching a movie on the big screen.  On the screen would be the birthday greeting and on the table in front of the couch are a bunch of remotes.  Also in the room are a mini-jukebox, and an Oakland Raiders helmet.  It sounded perfect and we were all excited to see it!

Rick placed all his hand sculpted props and figures on top of a living room "stage" with the signature red curtains found throughout cinemas.  

Did I mention all the remotes?  One of our favorite pieces in the living room composition was all the remotes Rick made that are sitting on the living room table.  When our client sent us the photo below showing his father's remotes, we had to emphasize this on the cake.  It was just too perfect!

For a truly memorable birthday cake it has to look great AND taste just as good, and this living room was very tasty in our Kona Toffee Crunch flavor!

A huge thanks to our client for always bringing us fun and amazing ideas to make in cake, and they keep getting better and better.  Happy Birthday to Dan!  Hope you loved your cake!

Friday, April 8, 2011

San Francisco 49'ers Football Helmet Cake 
Yesterday we featured an ivory, gold and red wedding cake designed for Mona and Luis.  It was an elegant, vintage inspired romantic cake, whose colors perfectly matched the surprise Groom's cake, a San Francisco 49'ers sculpted Football helmet.  I remember excitedly telling the bride that her fiance couldn't have selected a better team to work with the colors of the wedding. It was all a coincidence.  She told me she didn't even think about the colors matching.  Amazing! Some things are just meant to be, and in this case, these two cakes, much like the couple, were perfectly paired!

Rick sculpted the helmet out of cake and made the face guard, which is one of the most difficult parts to make.  The cake flavor was our delicious guava, and offered a lighter fruity alternative to the richer chocolate flavors in their wedding cake.  Congratulations to Mona and Luis!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Cake for Mona and Luis

Our bride Mona came to us with a pretty clear idea of what she wanted for her wedding cake.  Her wedding colors were ivory and gold with lots of romantic red roses, and she was looking for a vintage, elegant and romantic look for the wedding cake.  Rick designed a gorgeous 4-tier ivory cake with a cluster of handcrafted dark red roses on top and delicate gold accents throughout the cake.  The couple's "LTM" monogram was placed on one of the tiers and soft folds of draping adorned the bottom tier.  The couple chose 3 flavors for their wedding cake, Hot Fudge Sundae, Totally Turtle and Strawberries Chantilly.  We never had an opportunity to meet the groom during the design process as he was deployed at the time and returned shortly before the wedding.

As a surprise for her fiance, Mona arranged for Rick to make a very special groom's cake, which, as luck would have it, perfectly matched the colors of her wedding cake.  Next on the blog we will share the groom's cake that accompanied their beautiful wedding cake.

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