Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Phalaenopsis Orchids Wedding Cake 
The colors and style of Delanie and Joe's wedding cake couldn't be more different in style and color than the last cake we posted to the blog. Their cake was a modern elegant design with a very refined textural pattern on top, varied heights of the tiers, and phalaenopsis orchids on the front. The couple gave creative control to Rick to design their cake with their only input being the colors of crimson red and silver and to integrate one of the flowers from their invitation. The phalaenopsis orchids were done freehand without the use of any stencils. The shape of the cake was designed to emphasize the orchids on the front and a very tall bottom tier was used with two shorter tiers on top. The couple chose Roy's Restaurant for their wedding reception, which suited this cake with its distinct asian vibe beautifully! Congratulations to Delanie and Joe!

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