Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Cake for Julia and Mitch
We haven't been able to blog as frequently these days because writing our book is keeping us very busy in-between fulfilling cake orders. This unusual cake was made last weekend for Julia and Mitch's wedding at the Bayer Estate. We've been working with Julia and Mitch since the beginning of the year and met the couple back in June when they flew in from their home state of Colorado to discuss their wedding cake design. The couple brought us an amazing and unique color palette to work with -- a kiwi green, a lavender thistle, and accents of brown. They were looking for a whimsical design with an organic quality to it that would incorporate one of the bride's favorite flowers, Sea Holly.  Rick designed their wedding cake in their colors and adorned it with a single large handcrafted flower that was inspired by a close-up of a Sea Holly. The petals are intricate and abundant and the center of the flower has a great amount of detail. Curly willow accents were added to the cake to further bring in the natural, organic feel that the bride was wanting. We were pleased when we arrived at the wedding site to see that Debbie Hemingway, the couple's florist used the Sea Holly flowers and curly willow in the gorgeous floral arrangements. For their destination wedding, Julia and Mitch served their guests tropical cake flavors and chose our Guava Lava and Broke da Mouth (mango). It was a beautiful wedding with top-notch vendors and a striking cake to Wow their guests! Congratulations to Julia and Mitch!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Italian Themed Wedding Cake 
The wedding cake was ordered 1 year in advance, giving Rick a good amount of time to discuss with our bride Kathy and plan for the design, which was inspired by Italian art and architecture. Rick was thrilled to make an Italian themed cake and Kathy shared with us her desired colors, orange, yellow, green and red, and gave Rick carte blanche to design the cake however he wanted. A lot of love was put into this cake. An estimated 20 hours was spent making the cake including all the handcrafted pieces, the sculpting of the cake, a cobblestone cake board, and the detailed handpainted artwork on the cake. It was the closest any of us would get to Italy without actually travelling there. Kathy and her (now husband) Ernie love Italy so much it was only appropriate that their wedding reception would take place at Cafe Sistina, a popular authentic Italian restaurant with incredible floor to ceiling frescoes painted by the Chef/Owner Sergio Mitrotti who is from Torino, Italy. The cake was a perfect match in that location! Not surprising also was their choice of cake flavors to serve their guests, Banana Blueberry Mascarpone and Banana Nutella, both of which have Italian ingredients. We were fortunate to have a chance to congratulate Kathy and Ernie when we delivered the cake. Their look said it all! They were touched and in awe of their cake, jaws dropped, and we started feeling emotional seeing how happy they were with their cake. Rick finished their cake on his birthday to prepare for their wedding the following day, and was thankful to have a beautiful piece of art to work on that day. A big Thank You and Congratulations to Kathy and Ernie!

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