Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ombre Wedding Cake in Shades of Lilac
Our mouths dropped open when we saw our clients Lily and Leon's wedding cake photo taken by their photographer Eric from L'amour Photography. Everything about this wedding was stunning - the location at the Oceanfront Oasis Estate, the exquisite floral design by Yvonne Design , the gorgeous couple, and an ombre lilac cake that matched their colors and theme beautifully!

We have many wedding clients who book over a year in advance, but this bride came to us with far less time to design the cake. We had to work quickly, and she was so sweet, enthusiastic, and accommodating. She expressed her vision to us and gave us a range of lilacs to use on the cake. We presented her with an idea that Rick had, she loved it, and off we went! The oversize flower with its many delicate petals was handcrafted by Rick, and the cake had an all over shimmery tone. When we arrived at the site and the cake was placed on the lilac linen, we were impressed at how well the colors matched both the linen and the floral arrangements. Eric, the couple's photographer commented that it was "a perfect ombre", and that was great to hear! Even the bougainvillea on the grounds of the estate looked like they were placed there just for the wedding. Congratulations to Lily and Leon on their marriage, and to L'amour Photography for sharing the photo!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Shadow and Sonic and The Chaos Emeralds

We have a special place in our hearts for clients who return repeatedly for their celebrations. Rick made a "Nightmare Before Christmas" themed cake for our client's son, a cake for her parent's anniversary, and this year, a Shadow and Sonic the hedgehog cake for her other son Hayden. We were asked to have the character Shadow on the cake, because it was Hayden's favorite, and also to include the "chaos" emeralds. As our client placed the order, I immediately thought "What are chaos emeralds"? I wasn't the only one because Rick turned to the internet to find out what they looked like in order to make them. Ah, diamonds! An internet search has saved us many times after we have said to the client, "Sure, no problem. We can do that!" Rick put both Shadow, the darker character and Sonic on the cake. They paired up well and added a nice contrast. We love the whimsical theme of Shadow and Sonic. Their world is full of color and translated well onto cake. It was the perfect canvas for Rick to let his creativity run wild and he made an eye-catching design that came to life as each hand made piece was placed. The flavor of the cake was Kona Toffee Crunch with chocolate cake. Caffeine, toffee pieces, chocolate, and a supercharged, colorful design. Now, that's our kind of cake!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Having spent the past year and a half working on our book, EXTREME CAKEOVERS, it was truly exhilarating for Rick and I to see the cover design! He and I have had many discussions about the cover of our book, wondering which cake or cakes would be given the honor to be front and center, or would there even be a cake? As you can imagine, we have grown quite attached to all the cakes in the book and found it difficult to choose just one for the cover. As fate would have it, we didn't have to, because the decision was made for us. It was the Robot cake's lucky day - his chance to shine and show what he's made of, quite literally! When we saw the cover, we fell head over heels all over again with the cute little robot we spent so much time crafting and writing about, and were in awe with our book designer's brilliant composition that so perfectly captured what the book is about.

Although the robot cake is a perfect cover model, we are just as excited about the dozens of other cakes that Rick designed for the book and look forward to the day when we can share them with you! EXTREME CAKEOVERS will be released next Summer by Clarkson Potter (Crown Publishing/Random House). It has been a huge honor for us to work with our wonderful editor and publishing team at Clarkson Potter and feel blessed to have the opportunity to write such a fun book!

Friday, November 2, 2012

BOSTON, Massachusetts "Discover Your Inner Artist 3" classes at The Cake World!

We are thrilled to announce our third and final set of "Discover Your Inner Artist 3" classes for 2013, which will take place at The Cake World in Boston, Massachusetts in July. This will be the first time Rick is teaching his craft in New England, and the only North American east coast location in 2013. Due to our book's release in Summer 2013 we will not be traveling for classes past July, so if you have been wanting to learn from Rick, we would love to have you join us at one of our three scheduled locations next year - Austin, Amsterdam and Boston.

The philosphy behind Rick's "Discover Your Inner Artist" series of classes is to teach students how to let go of their artistic inhibitions and dependence on fancy tools, molds and cutters and learn how to trust their own "inner artist", which we all have. The classes explore some of his favorite art techniques and take a free form artistic approach to cake decorating, promoting creativity by embracing the idea of letting go and not feeling like you need to achieve such a precise or uniform look to cakes. Rick often says "It will work itself out". Once you have the knowlege of many different techniques, your confidence as an artist builds and you take more risks with your work, giving you more means to an end.

We've had great success with "Discover Your Inner Artist" and "Discover Your Inner Artist 2", with students expressing they haven't tried many of these techniques before. Students who have taken either or both DYIA and DYIA 2 will already be familiar with some of the techniques and can jump right in to learn these designs, which are slightly more involved. However, the first two series of classes are not a pre-requisite to "Discover Your Inner Artist 3" classes.

Students who enroll in the Peacock and Dragonflies and Waterlillies 2-day classes will learn handpainting, airbrushing skills, fondant application on taller tiers, including a concave design, how to pipe with royal icing, how to create a custom waterfall-style cake topper, and how to make handcrafted decorations without the use of molds or fancy cutters.

To register, visit here. The Cake World is offering a 10% early registration discount until November 20th. Students may either pay in full or in installments. Please contact The Cake World with any questions about the class or for travel information. There will be a limited number of openings in each class, to allow Rick to give students more individualized attention. We hope to see you there!

2 day class, Dragonflies and Waterlillies

2 day class, Painted Peacock

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