Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rustic Elegance for World Travelers

cake image by Sieber Studio
 Wedding Images by VISIONARI
Event Design and Coordination by Parasol Events
Floral Design by Yvonne Design
Wedding cake by cakelava

We have already selected our next few Featured Weddings on and are excited to share them with you! The wedding cake and accompanying wedding below was one we would have Featured had we been able to show our couple, one of whom is in the public eye. Since we cannot officially "Feature" it, we wanted to at least be able to share the beautiful components put together by the couple's coordinator and design team, acknowledged above. This gorgeous wedding combined romantic, rustic and organic florals and decor by Yvonne Design at an exquisite oceanfront private estate. The theme of travel was prominent throughout, as the couple resides outside of the country and many of their guests flew in from all over the world. For their wedding cake, the couple requested a fun and contemporary design with unusual shapes. Rick used soft green, ivory and a brown/gold color that tied in the organic quality found throughout the wedding. He placed a single large handcrafted flower on the side of one of the tiers. It was a striking design that worked with the different design elements present yet still maintained its own identity. We would like to thank our wedding couple, all the talented vendors involved with this event and Yvonne Design for sharing with us their images photographed by Visionari and Sieber Studio. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leah and Sean's Wedding Cake
Yesterday we posted a wedding cake that was bright and bold, funky and fun!  Today we're sharing a wedding cake with softer colors and a more elegant vibe made for an Australian couple Leah and Sean.  Their wedding took place last Sunday night at the Moana Surfrider Resort in Waikiki.  The main color of their wedding was purple and the accent colors were dark green, gold, white and cream. Leah and Sean sent us some Japanese paper which had a lovely floral pattern on it that would be used in their wedding and gave Rick carte blanche on the design other than the request to include the pattern on the cake, which he chose to emphasize in the middle tier and keep the others plain except for a textured band on the bottom.  Once the cake was designed the couple was extremely pleased with it and we were too. They chose our Totally Turtle and Guava Lava flavors for their guests, who flew in from Australia and the United States to celebrate their wedding.  Congratulations to Leah and Sean!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Johanna and Michael's Wedding Cake
Our couple Johanna and Michael were married on October 16th at the breathtaking Lanikuhonua venue.  Several hundred guests were in attendance at their long awaited wedding.  We first met Johanna and Michael in June 2009.  They told us they had seen our couple Irene and Joseph's wedding which was featured on and Style Me pretty and had similar colors for their wedding -- hot pink, coral/orange, and a tropical green.  They loved Irene and Joseph's funky modern cake with the "shifted" squares and wanted to do something similar, using their own stylized floral motif.  Once Rick designed their cake we knew it was going to be a really special design and we were all excited to see it on the wedding day.  The cake was a striking focal point of the wedding and matched the decor beautifully!  We had a blast working with Johanna and Michael and wish them our best!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jungle Love
I adore the jungle/safari theme cakes!  Put a bunch of cute, playful animals together on one cake and you've got yourself a party!  Rick spent several hours making all the animals and they looked magnificent up close!  I instantly fell in love with the little zebra placed in the front of the cake who appears to be rolling around in complete ecstasy, having the time of his life.  It was a super cute, unexpected touch that made the cake even more endearing!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby, Life's a Beach!
Living in Hawaii, you can imagine how popular the beach theme cake is.  The tropical beach theme cakes are always fun to make and are a great crowd pleaser too.  Rick has made countless beach themed cakes and hundreds of palm trees and surfboards since cakelava opened and we never get tired of looking at them.   The cake above was made for Sophia's first birthday party.  For Sophia, at our client's request, Rick used pastel colors and gave everything a cute, rather than more realistic appearance.
For the beach themed baby shower cake above, Rick chose to use only white and shades of blue, which made for a nice contrast.  The client had requested for the beach theme to be done in "baby style" and had wanted to emphasize the beach and surfing since the baby's father owns a surfing company.  Around the cake he placed handcrafted beach toys, shells and marine life.  Cute baby faces were placed on the side of the cake and on top he created a scene with a "BOY" sign, surfboards and a sweet blue crab.  Inside the cake was bright layers of our signature Rainbowlicious flavor.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sold Out and Out of Stock!

We are thrilled to announce that Rick Reichart's second 3-Day "Discover Your Inner Artist" class at Icing Inspirations in Ontario, Canada, next March is now SOLD OUT!

30 students are coming from New York City, the Bahamas, Utah, Louisiana, England and all over Canada -- and those are just the ones we know about! We want to thank each and every one of you who have signed up for the class as well as our wonderful hosts, Chrissie and Justin who have been divine to work with.  We are so excited to meet everyone!

Although the class is Sold Out and "Out of Stock" you may contact Icing Inspirations to be placed on a wait list.  info{at}icinginspirations {dot}ca

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue Daisies Baby Shower Cake
You wouldn't know from looking at the cake above that it was made for a baby shower. There was no baby props -- no rattles, blocks, bottles or teddy bears to be found anywhere on the cake.  Our client chose 10-10-10, one of the biggest wedding dates of the year to celebrate the upcoming birth of her baby.  This was the third cake Rick designed for Leilani and her family and each has been drastically different from the next.  For her baby shower, the only requests Leilani had were the colors of blue and grey to be used in the cake, to make it fun and whimsical, and to omit the baby props.  Rick made pretty handcrafted daisies combined with a playful print on the cake and ramped up the WOW factor by adding interesting shapes to the cake.  The cake had a lot of attention when we delivered it.  Our pregnant client came over beaming and expressed how much she loved her cake, as did several of her guests.  We loved the cake too and were thrilled to be part of such a joyous celebration!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jennifer and Mitch's Wedding Cake
Wedding and cake images courtesy of VISIONARI

The wedding cake above may look familiar if you read Cake Central Magazine.  It was featured in the September 2010 issue along with Melissa and Polar's wedding cake.  Jennifer and Mitch's cake, shown above, like Lindsay and Bob's couture lace wedding cake, was designed in more muted tones of elegance.  The couple selected ivory and cream for their wedding cake and mentioned how much they liked Rick's "Bree" design, which had a similar look but different sizing and colors.  The white on top of a cream base was a gorgeous combination and Jennifer and Mitch were very happy with the results!  We loved the way the cake turned out and so did Cake Central Magazine, who at the time was looking for cakes in shades of whites and thought it would be a perfect match! 

Special thanks to Jennifer and Mitch for including us in their special day, and to their wonderful vendors Yvonne Design, Mood Event, Finishing Touch, Les Saisons and cakelava

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Couture Lace Wedding Cake

We have put up a fair share of bold, colorful cakes recently and decided that for at least part of this week, we would focus on cakes with a more muted color palette -- beautiful creams, whites, and champagne tones.  Rick designed a gorgeous champagne and ivory wedding cake for Lindsay and Bob, a couple who were married over the 10-10-10 weekend.  Their wedding cake was inspired by the lace pattern on Lindsay's gown and Rick added a draped ivory bow with a handcrafted jeweled brooch on the side of the cake to complete the elegant look.  The reception room was decorated in champagne, ivory and chocolate brown colors with towering vases of white phalaenopsis orchids for the centerpieces.  Lindsay and Bob chose to add a colorful element to their cake on the inside and selected our yummy Guava Lava and Lemon Pucker flavors to serve their guests.  Congratulations to Lindsay and Bob!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Isabella's Pool Party
Happy Friday Everyone!  We went through our portfolio of recent work and pulled one of the cutest, happiest cakes we could find to share.  The theme was "Chobits Land" and the occasion was Isabella's 9th birthday pool party.  If you are asking "What is Chobits Land?" that was our reaction as well.  Chobits Land has cute characters similar in appearance to the Sanrio animals with large adorable features.  We heard that Isabella's favorite animals were the panda and brown bear and Rick gave them a prominent position on top and in front of the cake. Throughout the party area Chobits Land was everywhere -- hanging above the tables, on top of the tables, and sticking out of the grass. It was adorable!

Almost immediately a crowd of children and adults gathered around the cake.  It took an immense amount of willpower for the children to hold back from touching it. We gave our birthday girl a big hug and she told us how much she loved her cake.  She was grinning from ear to ear, as were all the children and shortly after, so were we!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautiful Things Come in Small Packages
I practically gasped when I saw this cake, a reaction that is not reserved for cakes of a larger stature.  The level of detail really blew me away!  Someone recently commented on our blog, "Rick, what goes on in that brain of yours?" and I can tell you when his thoughts aren't in the gutter they reside in an unfathomable realm of imagination.  How he gets from point A (cake) to point B (finished product) is anybody's guess.  I've stopped guessing. It's better when you let creativity unfold and just enjoy.

I certainly didn't know when the order came in and the only direction given by our client was "vibrant colors" that Rick would design this gorgeous multi-layered, super detailed, adorable cake.  The party for the birthday girl involved a small amount of people, but we wanted the WOW factor to be big.  Bigger is not always better and beautiful things absolutely do come in small packages!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Garden Cake
Garden themed cakes are a common request and our challenge is to then take the theme and make a unique and special design for each client.  The cake above was made for a little girl named Chloe and was inspired by one of of Rick's previous garden cakes with happy faces on the flowers.  Using the colors requested by the client, Rick made a gorgeous 3-tier Strawberries Chantilly and Chocolate Dream flavored birthday cake with smiley flowers playfully placed on the tiers.  The cake was so cute in person and made little Chloe and her entire family smile when we delivered it.  Happy Birthday Chloe!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Female Super Villians Kick Ass
I totally adore this cake!  It's sexy, it's bold, it's edgy, and it has some of our favorite Super villians kicking ass!  The theme of the cake was super villian girls, specifically Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn, from the Batman comics.  Rick could use any or all of them and decided to really do it up and include all three.  This was a party after all and the more women the better!  This super fun geeky birthday cake was ordered for Mia, by a friend of hers who left the design up to Rick's wild imagination, and he had a LOT of fun with this one.  The cake looked amazing in person and the group who showed up at our studio to pick it up were fawning over it in our shop, which made us very happy!

Very early the following morning, we received a Thank You note from our client:

Hey Rick and Sasha, the cake absolutely made the party.  The whole vibe turned around once we brought the cake out, it was amazing.  Without a doubt I will want to do business with you two again sometime in the future.  I will send pictures as soon as I'm able to.  Thank you so much for making a wonderful cake for me and my friends.  Wonderful job, worth every penny.  Amazing.   -- TJ

birthday girl enjoying her cake! 

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