Friday, October 8, 2010

Isabella's Pool Party
Happy Friday Everyone!  We went through our portfolio of recent work and pulled one of the cutest, happiest cakes we could find to share.  The theme was "Chobits Land" and the occasion was Isabella's 9th birthday pool party.  If you are asking "What is Chobits Land?" that was our reaction as well.  Chobits Land has cute characters similar in appearance to the Sanrio animals with large adorable features.  We heard that Isabella's favorite animals were the panda and brown bear and Rick gave them a prominent position on top and in front of the cake. Throughout the party area Chobits Land was everywhere -- hanging above the tables, on top of the tables, and sticking out of the grass. It was adorable!

Almost immediately a crowd of children and adults gathered around the cake.  It took an immense amount of willpower for the children to hold back from touching it. We gave our birthday girl a big hug and she told us how much she loved her cake.  She was grinning from ear to ear, as were all the children and shortly after, so were we!

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