Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby, Life's a Beach!
Living in Hawaii, you can imagine how popular the beach theme cake is.  The tropical beach theme cakes are always fun to make and are a great crowd pleaser too.  Rick has made countless beach themed cakes and hundreds of palm trees and surfboards since cakelava opened and we never get tired of looking at them.   The cake above was made for Sophia's first birthday party.  For Sophia, at our client's request, Rick used pastel colors and gave everything a cute, rather than more realistic appearance.
For the beach themed baby shower cake above, Rick chose to use only white and shades of blue, which made for a nice contrast.  The client had requested for the beach theme to be done in "baby style" and had wanted to emphasize the beach and surfing since the baby's father owns a surfing company.  Around the cake he placed handcrafted beach toys, shells and marine life.  Cute baby faces were placed on the side of the cake and on top he created a scene with a "BOY" sign, surfboards and a sweet blue crab.  Inside the cake was bright layers of our signature Rainbowlicious flavor.

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