Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue Daisies Baby Shower Cake
You wouldn't know from looking at the cake above that it was made for a baby shower. There was no baby props -- no rattles, blocks, bottles or teddy bears to be found anywhere on the cake.  Our client chose 10-10-10, one of the biggest wedding dates of the year to celebrate the upcoming birth of her baby.  This was the third cake Rick designed for Leilani and her family and each has been drastically different from the next.  For her baby shower, the only requests Leilani had were the colors of blue and grey to be used in the cake, to make it fun and whimsical, and to omit the baby props.  Rick made pretty handcrafted daisies combined with a playful print on the cake and ramped up the WOW factor by adding interesting shapes to the cake.  The cake had a lot of attention when we delivered it.  Our pregnant client came over beaming and expressed how much she loved her cake, as did several of her guests.  We loved the cake too and were thrilled to be part of such a joyous celebration!


Baby Games said...

wow it looks yummy this baby cakes. Nice design and colorful.
Mickey Buarao

cakelava said...

Thank you Mickey!

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