Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Do ... and a Falcon too!

Continuing our expose of last weekend's cakes, here are a couple more, made for Lynn and Curt's wedding at The Bayer Estate. We were at the Bayer Estate, the weekend before for Mary Lou and Brian's, wedding and posted it on the blog last week. It's a lovely ocean front location filled with lush greenery, and perfect for a tropical themed wedding or in this case, an elegant wedding with tropical touches and ... STAR WARS. Yes, it was that extra component of Curt's mini-obsession with STAR WARS that made this wedding more unsual than most, and also a fun celebration to be part of.

Lynn and Curt each ordered their own cake from us last year, even before Rick made Jason's Millennium Falcon cake, we already had a second one on the books. For her wedding cake, Lynn went the more traditional elegant route and had Rick design a cake that was based on her beautiful wedding dress, both front and back. The back side of her dress had a beautiful offset Japanese style jeweled bow detailing that Rick added to the cake. In front of the wedding cake Rick placed a bunch of handcrafted tropicals in greens and oranges, to match the bride's bouquet and color scheme. Keeping with their tropical theme, they served their guests our Guava Lava and Broke Da Mouth flavors for the wedding cake. For Curt's Millennium Falcon groom's cake, he opted for Hot Fudge Sundae.

We arrived just in time to hear the STAR WARS theme song playing and the couple and their wedding party taking photos in STAR WARS poses with photographers Christiaan Phleger and Lexi MacKenzie.

Thanks to our couple Lynn and Curt for involving us in such a fun celebration of their love. We wish them both much happiness as they start their new life together!

Want to see more? Check out for some of our most recent work.

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Rhonda Christensen said...

That wedding cake is gorgeous and the Falcon is awesome!!

We have a cake show in September and the wedding cake portion is based on a wedding dress! I still haven't decided what to do yet but I love looking at all cakes that are based on wedding dresses.

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