Friday, November 6, 2009

Charging into their Future - San Diego Chargers Wedding Cake

cake photo by cakelava

There's a first time for everything, and sooner or later we were destined to make a San Diego Chargers themed wedding cake. Couples like Sonia and Moses are a rarity in weddings. In what was a truly selfless act of kindness, Sonia, a style-conscious bride with a wedding filled with pinks and purples decided she wanted to gift her fiance their wedding cake by having Rick design a fun, funky cake with her fiance's favorite team, San Diego Chargers. We were asked to make a cake using the Chargers' "throw back" colors, and the first thing we did was to look up exactly what that meant. She also requested for the Chargers' bolts to be used on the cake. She gave Rick carte blanche on the design as long as it was funky and incorporated the San Diego Chargers. During the design process, Sonia revealed to me just how much of a Diehard Charger fan Moses was:

Just so you have a little more information regarding Moses (my fiancĂ©’). He is a diehard Charger fan. He has season tickets every year. In fact, the first weekend I met him we went to Venice Beach and he got a Charger Bolt tattooed to the inside of his bicep. He lives and breathes Chargers. So much so, he wants us to watch the two Charger games that will be airing on TV while we are in Hawaii (keep in mind we have never been to Hawaii before). He wants us to bring our Charger Jerseys…insane. I think if it were up to him our bedroom would have a Charger theme…I will not let that happen. We are a fun loving couple in our late 20’s (27). Moses was born and raised here in San Diego and I have lived off and on in southern California for a lot of my life. Moses “claims” that we would have never met if the Chargers didn’t blow the playoffs almost 4 years ago. Otherwise he would’ve never come up to visit my roommate in Redondo Beach the weekend we first met. He would have been preparing for the Charger game instead.

Rick and I had a chuckle about this and instantly knew how important this cake would be to Moses. It makes designing so much more meaningful when we're given a backstory as fantastic as this. Thank you, Sonia! Even if we have never seen a Chargers game in our life (I know, terrible...), Rick was determined to give him the wedding cake of his dreams, courtesy of his lovely fiancee.

Stefanie Riedel, the couple's photographer shared with us these beautiful images of the couple enjoying their cake. We're guessing the groom died and went to Chargers heaven!

cake cutting images courtesy of Absolutely Loved/Stefanie and Anna Riedel Photography

Happy Friday! Aloha, 'til next time...

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Y Fly said...

aww that's so sweet and selfless

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