Friday, January 15, 2010

Japanese, Anyone?

A couple months ago we did a photo shoot with a Japanese magazine called Otona-No-Hawaii, which translates to "Luxury Hawaii" magazine. This oversized, glossy magazine highlights high-end businesses in Hawaii and is only available for purchase in Japan. They invited us to be featured in the magazine and all we had to do was come up with a shoot date that worked for us and the Executive Director, Creative Director, and a photographer all coming from Japan. This was no small feat, as they had appointments booked solid during their visit here and things were also hectic on our side. Once the date was booked, the group of 4, which included a translator, thank goodness because we can't read or write Japanese, came to our studio for the shoot. We were expecting having lights, cameras and Directors in our studio on a weekend in between events was going to be hairy, but from the second this gracious group walked through our door, it was smooth sailing, and we had a great time with them!

The Executive and Creative Directors were kind enough to send us a copy for us to have. In the first time in cakelava history, we are not able to read our printed press and are dying to know what the article says! We'll have to get someone to translate for us. Japanese, anyone? We received our copy yesterday and are so enamored with the pretty images in the 2-page spread, we almost forgot that we can't read any of the text. We fell in love all over again with our bride Krista's cake with the birds on it and the image is GORGEOUS. We were told their photographer is one of the best in Japan and it certainly shows. We've done many photo shoots over the years, but this was one of our most memorable. Looking at the article makes us happy. Even if we can't read the captions.

Aloha, 'til next time!

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Victoria said...

Those are very pretty cakes! I really like the birds, they're so cute! I like a little whimsy in my life!

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