Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ohime in Cake

This past weekend the theme was LOVE and romance, where every cake made, except for one was a wedding cake. This sculpted dog cake was the exception, but even as a birthday cake it was still a romantic gesture because it was ordered by a woman for her husband's surprise 50th birthday party. What could be lovelier than two people growing older together and celebrating with their child, whether human or canine? When the cake was ordered, more than a year in advance by our client, she was terribly excited that Rick was able to make their Jack Russell Terrier, Ohime, which is Japanese for "Princess" . Ohime appears to be a mix of Jack Russell and possibly Chihuahua, but we aren't sure of the exact breed. We just know she's really cute and stole our hearts! Our client explained to us that she and her husband had become "Dog people", you know the types, and they were head over heels for Ohime. Ohime was her husband's pride and joy and asked if we could include his other interests, golfing and playing poker. At first I thought, a poker playing dog, where have I seen this before, but Rick made it work just by having the items present and keeping the focus on their princess, Ohime. In person, Ohime was large, incredibly realistic and all made of cake. She was made out of our Guava Lava flavor, a pretty pink cake perfectly suited for a princess!

Coincidentally, one of the anchors from a local news station was here interviewing and filming Rick over the Valentine's Day weekend and she and her cameraman were very taken by the dog cake, and asked our client if they could come and film at their party. She of course agreed and we're excited to see the footage when it airs in the future. We will keep you posted.

More to come soon.

Aloha, 'til next time!


Jack Russell said...

Looks delicious - although perhaps a little peculiar that they wanted to eat their dog! I'm sure they enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

It must have been a hard cake to cut into. Really very life like.

cakelava said...

This isn't the first time the topic of eating one's pet in cake has come up. We've made a number of pets in or on a cake and it doesn't seem to be a factor to the people ordering them. It's more about celebrating with their family and less about the literal translation of eating one of their own. Thank you both for your comments!

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