Thursday, April 15, 2010

Save Lives

It seems lately the lines between wedding cakes and celebration cakes are blurring. A wedding cake no longer needs to be tiered up or even look like a traditional "wedding cake." We've always attracted clients wanting something unsual, but recently there appears to be a trend towards sculpted wedding cakes -- remember our Compass wedding cake, Dave and Michelle's shipwreck island wedding cake, and the Turtle with the cupcake cake? Having a sculpted wedding cake is just another option for unconventional couples to personalize their wedding cake.

Stefanie Riedel, who owns Absolutely Loved is considered to be one of the top photographers in Hawaii and recently approached us to design a cake for her wedding to fiance Jonathan. Stefanie was having an untraditional wedding that involved gathering her and Jonathan's family and close friends to their North Shore home for a casual dinner and wedding cake. She asked Rick if he could design her a cake in a beach theme that would also honor her husband to be, who is a lifeguard as well as a minister. We decided to focus on the lifeguard/beach theme and she wanted to have the words "save lives" on the cake. Rick liked the idea of a lifeguard tube and decided to make this as a surprise for Jonathan. It looked so real, like you could just grab it and put it to use in the ocean!

Stefanie emailed us shortly after and told us Jonathan was blown away with his lifeguard tube wedding cake.

Oh my.............I can not believe your husbands looks just like a life saving tube ...... Jonathan saw it and felt so honored. Thank you so much!! It is amazing.

The images of the wedding were absolutely gorgeous! Anna Riedel, Stefanie's daughter who photographs for the company did an amazing job. How cute are Stefanie and Jonathan in their matching Vans sneakers! Congratulations, guys!

Images below courtesy of Absolutely Loved: Anna Riedel

Aloha 'til next time!

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