Monday, January 17, 2011

When Kitty gets into the Cake

Here is the second cake that served as a companion to our January 8th couple's beautiful elegant wedding cake.  Although it was referred to as the "groom's cake", we can't exactly call it a groom's cake because it was a surprise for both the bride and groom by the bride's parents.  This adorable black and white kitty is owned by the couple and the bride is a veterinarian specializing in feline behavior.  

Rick sculpted the kitty out of our Guava cake.  The 3-tier wedding cake beside the kitty is also guava cake.  The kitty/wedding cake was a composition that got people talking.  When we delivered the cake, we saw a couple kids talking to each other about how the kitty had gotten into the cake.  It was a cute cake, a great conversation piece and a huge surprise to both the bride and groom!  Congratulations to the couple!

We will be out of town this week and will return to the blog once we return and have a chance to catch our breath.  In the meantime, we invite you to visit our online portfolio of cakes at or join our facebook community!  Aloha!!


Tartricia said...

There is nothing like having a great imagination and talent!!! just the combination of both can result in just a neat cake! congratulations from a little island in Spain!!! I love your work and the way you use the aerograph!
Where I life there is no fondant decoration culture, and I would love you decide to give some classes here in the other side of the ocean! consider it! :D

Pink Little Cake said...

This cat look so real!!! great cake, I can imagine the hours Rick spend working on this cake.

Becs said...

This cake is absolutely gorgeous guys! thanks for sharing!
Becs @ Stiletto Studio

cakelava said...

Thank you ladies! Tartricia, that was a lovely compliment! It put a big smile on my face when I read it. Teaching in Spain is not out of the realm of possibilities. We would just need a host :) Kathia and Becs, thanks so much!

tartricia said...

jajajja here in Mallorca you would feel like in Hawaii...our island is a nice place and we cook really nice Spanish food at home! ;)
In any case, I am sure you could take a great advantage of coming for some months, because fondant is becoming more and more popular, but there are no qualified teachers nor professionals in this field.
There are no chances for improving here...and I have decided to travel to Chicago next January in order to take a four months course. I know in one of your interviews you did'nt recommended to assist to a school, but doing practices with our favourite designers... but here in Spain, this is impossible.
Just say again that I love your work!!! Wish you the best! :D

cakelava said...

Tartricia, we would LOVE to see Spain. Neither of us have ever been there and the culture and food is divine! My mother's been to Spain and it's one of her favorite places to visit. Thank you for sharing your insights and for supporting our work!!

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