Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dan's 60th Birthday Cake!

The cakes with the custom figures set into a scene are so much fun to make.  A lot of work no doubt, but especially meaningful when we're making it for one of our favorite clients!  The occasion was a 60th Birthday for our client's father Bob. I remember when he approached us to make the cake, knowing precisely what he wanted and all the details he wanted to include.  I loved the story!  His father installs home theater systems and big screens and audio are a big part of who he is.  He's famous for the parties he throws at his home, where everyone shows up to watch football or movies.  He's a huge film buff and is the vice-president of a a cinema club that preserves and shows old movies set in the islands of the Pacific.  He also loves football and music, and used to own a Wurlitzer 1015.  He requested for Rick to make a living room scene set in their home where his father and his wife, and their chihuahua are sitting on the couch watching a movie on the big screen.  On the screen would be the birthday greeting and on the table in front of the couch are a bunch of remotes.  Also in the room are a mini-jukebox, and an Oakland Raiders helmet.  It sounded perfect and we were all excited to see it!

Rick placed all his hand sculpted props and figures on top of a living room "stage" with the signature red curtains found throughout cinemas.  

Did I mention all the remotes?  One of our favorite pieces in the living room composition was all the remotes Rick made that are sitting on the living room table.  When our client sent us the photo below showing his father's remotes, we had to emphasize this on the cake.  It was just too perfect!

For a truly memorable birthday cake it has to look great AND taste just as good, and this living room was very tasty in our Kona Toffee Crunch flavor!

A huge thanks to our client for always bringing us fun and amazing ideas to make in cake, and they keep getting better and better.  Happy Birthday to Dan!  Hope you loved your cake!


Anonymous said...

cool cake, super details!

Jenniffer said...

You guys always do such excellent work! You inspire me to learn more and do better!

cakelava said...

Thank you so much! Jennifer, that was a very sweet comment. Much appreciated!!

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