Friday, June 24, 2011

2012 "Discover Your Inner Artist" Classes in the United States

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us inquiring about Rick's "Discover Your Inner Artist" cake classes in their region. We would love to come and visit all of you and have Rick teach in your location, but we have a tightly booked calendar in 2012.  Between working on our book, cakes, and already scheduled classes in a number of locations, Rick will not be booking classes at other U.S. cities in 2012 besides Allentown, Pennsylvania at the Mother of Cakes: Sugar and Cake Academy on September 13th, 14th and 15th, 2012. If you are able to commute to Allentown, we would love to meet you. The class has been announced over a year in advance to accommodate those needing to travel or save for the class. 

Spaces are still available for the newly announced "Discover Your Inner Artist" class in Allentown, PA and we will be posting updates on class availability on our facebook page.  Mother of Cakes is accepting payments in 4 installments for your convenience. Information on the class and more registration information can be found at:  

We hope to see you in September 2012!

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