Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seahorses and Turtles Birthday Cake
Ever since we moved to Hawaii, we've had a steady stream of ocean inspired and under the sea cake design requests, and I have to say that I never tire of seeing them.  We got the order for this latest ocean themed cake from a woman who was overseas at the time and returning to Hawaii to celebrate her and her husband's birthday.  Rick made all the pieces of the realistic ocean scene and limited the color palette to mostly shades of blue, cream, and white.  The coral pieces were made using a technique that Rick teaches in his class. They are versatile to work with and allow for many design possibilities. Happy Birthday to Rose and Brent!


Brigittes Torten said...

Hallo Rick
I love your undersea cake so much with the turtels ans seahorses. Your did a great job!

cakelava said...

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed making the cake!

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