Thursday, April 12, 2012

Giddyup, Cowboy!
We don't get many requests for cowboy/Western theme cakes here, which is probably no surprise given our island location. As I was talking to the client about the order, I felt excited by the theme and knew Rick would enjoy it as well. When we found out that the client would be using red and blue bandannas at the party, Rick thought it would look great to bring in those colors rather than do the usual shades of brown, especially since it was for a child. Both the cowboy hat with the Sheriff's star and the boot were made of cake, and the lasso was edible too. The three pieces together made for a striking composition, and the delicious filled chocolate cake served its purpose as well! Happy Birthday Royce!


SweetColours said...

Un trabajo perfecto!!. Felicidades.

DuArt Cake said...

A wonderful job.

Greetings from Spain.
Susana S. Duart

cakelava said...

Thank you, ladies! Aloha to you both!

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