Friday, June 24, 2016

Once, Twice, Three Times a Wedding Cake - The Fabulous Trio

We began getting to know our wedding couple Bronwen and Matt before we opened our shop in Las Vegas. We had communicated with them while we were building out our shop and arranged a time to meet with them once we opened. By the time we met this talented couple, it felt like we knew a lot about them and could jump right into the cake design! The couple are amazing sculptors who appreciate art in all its forms, and their wedding cake was very important to them. Bronwen loves cake and confessed she began collecting cake photos years earlier. She had an extensive collection of photos to share with us. They wanted their cake to tell a story of them as a couple, and provided us a backstory, an introduction to who they were in text and photos that would help explain why they wanted to incorporate certain themes and colors into the cake. While we won't share the couple's private details, we can share the themes and colors they chose to tell their story:

starry night
turquoise, magenta, black and gold
full bloomed flowers
anything shiny

After discussing their themes and noticing how different they all were, we knew it would be almost impossible to put everything they wanted together on one cake, so we decided it would be best to make a wedding cake trio that together would tell the story of Bronwen and Matt.

The "story" themed cakes, whether they are for a wedding or a celebration, can be one of the more challenging projects to design for, because it requires the cake designer to successfully merge the interests and personal styles of two different people. The more drastically different the styles of the people are, the more difficult it is for the designer. In the case of Bronwen and Matt, we were initially provided with more themes and inspirations than we could possibly fuse into even three cakes. Not everything would make it into the story, or go together aesthetically, so we worked with them to edit and narrow down the choices. It was a worthwhile process and allowed us to play up the themes they did choose and give them their own starring role in the story!

A wonderful perk of working with talented sculptors is they offered to build custom cake stands for each of their wedding cakes! Having the couple who can build just about anything (seriously!) meant we would have some truly fabulous cake stands for the cakes, and they could be designed however Rick and the couple would want! When Rick designed each of the three cakes, he also designed cake stands to reflect the theme and style of the cake. Using these ideas, Bronwen and Matt added a few special touches to the cake stands, which we loved, and the results are shown below. It was a beautiful collaboration between the three of them and the stands looked incredible with the cakes!

Not surprisingly, a couple with three wedding cakes, chose three different flavors to serve their guests. Onto the cakes!

The first wedding cake:

Themes/colors: Turquoise, gold, delicate pink (soft magenta), pearls, vintage, delicate handcrafted flower with gold accents. Custom built vintage inspired cake stand.

Flavor: Lemon Kapow

The second wedding cake:

Themes/colors: Turquoise, blue and black to resemble Night, flecks of gold for "stars", magenta handcrafted flowers, gold accents. Custom built skulls themed cake stand.

Flavor: The All-Nighter

The third wedding cake: Referred to as "Matt's cake"

Themes/colors: Magenta, black, white, shiny, silver, skulls, pearls, sawblade. Custom built sawblade cake stand.

Flavor: Strawberry Shortcake
On their own, the cakes were beautiful, unique and special, and as a group they complemented each other exquisitely! Each cake told its own story, and together, the trio of cakes told the story of Bronwen and Matt, and it was spectacular!

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