Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Things

It appears that our Star Wars cupcakes with Death Star top tier photos are circulating through the blogosphere. What started off as the Great White Snark's Curiosity of the Week on Wednesday (see yesterday's post), made its way over to the popular Cupcakes Take the Cake blog in their post "Death Star cake and Star Wars cupcakes" yesterday. We're thankful to Rachel for putting our cupcakes on the blog, and just wanted to clarify one thing since I'm quoted in the post. It was the Great White Snark who stated this, just in case there is any confusion. :-)

The marvel of this piece is that the near-perfect representation of the Death Star (”Strawberries Chantilly” flavor cake with buttercream frosting) is actually overshadowed by the diversity, detail, and fanboy-goodness of those handmade, fully-edible, sculpted Star Wars cupcake toppers.

Today the cupcakes showed up on yet another blog, We weren't familiar with MissTheda's site, and want to thank her as well. We're drooling over the 3G iPhone she posted about.

Other Good Things:

1. Our photo galleries at have a new look - more interactive and more fun.

2. We picked up the Fall 2008 issue of The Bride and Bloom magazine last night. (Borders, Ala Moana, for the locals) Another spectacular issue! It's always a rush to see your cake in print, especially in a magazine this beautiful!

3. Another fun groom's cake! Last night we delivered Mari's sculpted Notre Dame Football Groom's cake to E&O Trading for her rehearsal dinner.

This morning she emailed her excitement:

Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful football cake!! Everyone at our party absolutely LOVED it and was so amazed that it was actually a cake. It was the highlight of our party! No one wanted to cut into it because it was too beautiful, but when we did they all raved at how good it was. Thanks again for everything!!


Mari, thank you for the note. Have a fabulous wedding! - Sasha & Rick

Enjoy the weekend!

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