Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scratch this!

I couldn't resist posting this AWESOME photo and letter we received from Kalani in our morning emails. We love seeing people interacting with our cakes and this is a priceless photo.

Hey guys!!

I just wanna salute you both for the creation of my buddy's wedding cake. The sweet Technics Turntable for Alex and Danika. Check out my default picture! The true cake cutting, heh. Not sure how I ended up finding your myspace, but I'm glad I did to THANK you for the wonderful job. I'm a DJ alongside Alex, so I was super jealous of it when I seen it. Everything from the grooves in the vinyl to the headphones, just genious. Awesome job.

- Kalani

Thank you, Kalani, for contacting us! We'd be happy to make you a turntable of your own for your next big shindig! We'll be adding your photo to our Ohana album on the website with our next updates!

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Unknown said...

Hey guys! Alex told me you had written a blog about me here, so I was curious to see what it could have been. Of course, it was my message, heh. And photo for the bonus! It's awesome to see my exact message posted too. I love it. You both do great work. Thanks for the "shoutout" and thank you very much for the offer, I really appreciate it. I'll definitely keep you guys in mind for my next shindig. Aloha and good luck with all the lava loving creatively cool cake mastery.

-Kalani Pokipala

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