Thursday, February 19, 2009

Angel and Tara's Valentine's Day Wedding

Our last delivery on Valentine's Day took us all the way out to the North Shore, to a home out on Kawela Bay for Angel and Tara's wedding. We were on the road for hours back and forth to events all over the island and we were rewarded after a long day with a nice drive along the North Shore, where life moves much slower and the ocean views are incredible!

For Tara and Angel's wedding cake, Rick took inspiration from their favorite flower, the Bird of Paradise and designed a cake that would highlight the flower and its lush greenery. The cake reminded me of a Hawaiian tapestry or painting -- I really loved the look of it. The dimensional and shaded aspects were lovely. We received many compliments on the cake from the couple's guests and other vendors present, and we hope Angel and Tara loved their cake as well. A cake as unique as this one deserved unusual flavors and we weren't suprised by their choice of our Banana Blueberry Mascarpone as one of their flavors. All our best to Tara and Angel!

See Angel and Tara's cakes, along with many other new cakes on in the near future.


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