Monday, February 23, 2009

Celebrating Their New MINI-Me

Rick and I live for cakes like this MINI Cooper he recently made for a baby shower. First of all, it's orange, and orange is one of Rick's favorite colors. It's a MINI Cooper, a car that at one point of our lives we looked into buying, in part because we wanted something hip, youthful, and completely unpractical. Oh boy, can we ever relate to the sentiment of this MINI Cooper/baby themed cake. It was made for a baby shower honoring an ultra-hip couple who works at an architecture firm, about to become parents and pretty adamant about keeping their MINI, which represents more than just a car to them. It's a major lifestyle change. Our client who ordered the cake for the couple explained how they were afraid of having to purchase a sensible car and thought about the possibility of upgrading to a 4-door MINI Cooper, which we thought was pretty hilarious, but also something we can relate to. Rick and I have no children at this time and the thought of mini-vans and station wagons scare us, probably in the same way a family car scares this couple. Our client wanted to tie in their newest addition in a humorous way and then it was just a matter of Rick, her and I brainstorming and coming up with some hilarious details. For starters, the giant baby head on the top of their bright orange MINI Cooper. The "Baby on Board" sticker on the back of the vehicle, and of course, the vanity "KEIKICAR" license plate. "Keiki" means baby or child in Hawaiian. Just to really drive the point home, the writing on the cake was "Congratulations on your new Mini-Me!"

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Nada said...

What a great idea!! Very creative....and it looks amazing :)

Flour Confections said...

I HAD to comment!
Not only are Mini's my FAVOURITE car (and WHEN I find a way to squeeze a 4 tier wedding cake inside the thing, I'm buying it!) - but this idea of a "mini me" baby cake is fabulous! Well done - I want it!

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