Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Distinguished and Right on Target!

The night before a wedding, when a couple does their rehearsal followed by the rehearsal dinner, is one of the most special times during the wedding process. It's the launch of the weekend's festivities to follow, and excitement is in the air. For a number of our brides, they choose their wedding rehearsal dinner as the perfect time to surprise their fiance with his own special groom's cake. This was the case with Monica and Arin, whose beautiful sea glass and seashells wedding cake was showcased on yesterday's blog. Monica ordered her groom Arin, who is a Marine Corps Sargeant a special cake that would truly speak to his talents and accomplishments. Arin is last year's winner of the elite Interservice Rifle Competition and is a double distinguished marksman. Rick designed his groom's cake to look like an Official 100-Yard Small Bore Rifle Target (which is written on the top of the cake) with his two military badges on the cake. He placed the shots in a tight group in the "X" ring, where they should be for someone of his skill. Monica selected our Hawaii Five-0 flavor for Arin and their guests. The target cake was a big HIT with the guests, and most importantly Monica and Arin. We thought the cake was right on target and we had fun making it.

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More to come soon. Aloha, til next time!

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