Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rick and Eric's Birthday Cake

Thanks to everyone who left Birthday greetings on the blog and Facebook for Rick last week. He and his good friend Eric have birthdays one day apart and a small group of us celebrated both birthdays on Sunday night. Rick never makes a birthday cake for himself. He makes them for me each year and our family and friends, but for himself, he'd rather go with a restaurant's dessert or an ice cream cake, which he loves. This year he wanted to surprise Eric, who is an amazing poker player, with a cake. We're expecting to turn on the TV one of these days and see Eric on Face the Ace, so we knew exactly what type of cake he should have for his birthday, a stack of poker chips and cards. Eric loved his surprise and happily posed with his Peanut Butter Fudgey cake, and us gals got a great shot of the two of them blowing out their candles. Rick hammed it up in his usual way, while Eric chose the more dignified way of blowing out his candles. Happy 33rd birthday to Eric and Happy 41st to Rick! You two are Aces in our book!

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