Monday, August 31, 2009

Pink and Brown Wedding Cake, A Tall Order

The trend of late at cakelava HQ has been GRAND. Larger guest counts, taller cakes, and more artistically involved designs. In the past 2 weekends, we've made two 5-tier wedding cakes, both around 3 feet tall, and both all Real Cake. Why would you want it any other way? We typically don't include the "dummies" in our cakes, because we want the cake to be served and enjoyed. At Saturday night's pink and brown themed wedding for Teri and Robert, we were asked by one of the hotel staff, "which tiers are fake?" "None", we said, "All is to be served". We thought it a little odd that the assumption is that some tiers are fake, when pretty much the only time we'll use "dummy" tiers in our cake is for a press shoot. Teri and Robert's cake was a towering beauty in person. Their beautiful pink and chocolate brown cake perfectly matched the decor in the room. They were so smitten by it, that the groom came up to us while we were in the room and told us how much he loved it. It did definitely get a reaction from everyone who saw it, and knowing it was well appreciated meant we could finish our night off with a smile.

Congratulations to Teri and Robert!

Aloha til next time!


Unknown said...

Wow! How stunning! How on earth do you transport these?

cakelava said...

Thanks, Marianne! The answer to your question. V-E-R-Y Carefully.

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