Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We Love a Man in A Uniform

Yesterday, after reading our blog, Rick suggested that we keep to the military theme and share some of our favorite military Ohana photos collected over the years. In Hawaiian Ohana means family, or in this case, our family/community of clients. Shortly after we opened cakelava, we started an Ohana album, also Rick's suggestion, and I thought it was a great one because it allowed us to share the photos that our clients had sent us. We have selected a number of Ohana shots with our clients in their ceremonial military uniform. For us, it's a lovely walk down memory lane. We hope you enjoy them!

Jill and Carl (shown above) and their Kauai-inspired wedding cake, with palm trees, waterfalls, and lush tropical flowers and bamboo. Their wedding cake was designed by Rick in 2006. All pieces are handcrafted and there are custom figures of the bride and groom sitting by a fire pit on the right side. All images are courtesy of Mark Nomura Photography.

Carly and Matt are one of those completely adorable couples, who recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary. Carly and Matt, a previously Featured Wedding couple on cakelava.com, had a pink and green color palette for their wedding and wanted an unusual cake, a little funky and a little bit elegant, and this cake fit the bill. Images courtesy of Dave Miyamoto & Company.

Although they started their cake cutting by playing it safe, they decided to go another route. Love that expression!

Christie and Patton also just celebrated their 1-year anniversary this month. Their wedding has been featured on cakelava.com as well as YWD (Your Wedding Day) Magazine. Christie and Patton are super SWEET and absolutely Loved their black and white animal print, Rainbowlicious flavored wedding cake. Images courtesy of VISIONARI.

the sword makes for a perfect cake cutting tool. A kiss and a piece of Rainbowlicious in hand.

Rick designed this cake for a Marine Corps Officers' Ball. One of the Lt. Colonel's standing proud and guarding the cake. The cake was a huge hit at the Ball and we were hired the following year for the same event.

The cake during the traditonal cutting with the military sword by the General.

Nina and Matt were married in 2007 and had a pretty extravagant wedding with a 6-tier wedding cake with handcrafted flowers and a CH-53 Delta helicopter groom's cake. Matt's birthday cake on cakelava.com has appeared recently on AOL's "Bizarre Birthday Cakes" and was the sculpted bottle of Palmolive. He's a clean freak and enjoys washing dishes! Images courtesy of Arna Photography.

Love the formality of this shot!

Thank you to everyone who has graciously sent us their images to share. We salute you!

Til next time, Aloha!

visit cakelava.com to see more military cakes.

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