Friday, August 7, 2009

Fresh Cake! - So Fresh, these Fish Should be Slapped

I don't recall exactly when it was that the television networks started called their "New" episodes "Fresh." Suddenly we were hearing "A fresh episode of" this and "a fresh episode of" that. I wonder what their non-new episodes are called? Stale? Tired? Old? Today we decided to share with you one of our freshest cakes. It would only be fresher if we could show you the cakes were currently working on, but sorry we can't, you'll have to wait. This is about as fresh as it's going to get.

So how fresh is this cake? All the colorful fish and marine life on this cake are so fresh, they should be slapped. Is a wedding last night fresh enough? This beautiful ocean cake with colorful marine life was designed with our bride and groom (with the JS initials) and their puppy dog "Sprout" in mind. Rick handcrafted all the pieces on the cake, including Sprout and the coral "JS" monogram. The reception took place at lovely Kahala Resort's "Tokyo Tokyo" restaurant, which serves some of the freshest raw fish around. Keeping with the colorful cake, the couple chose our signature Rainbowlicious flavor and Strawberries Chantilly. As all ingredients in our cakes are fresh, no preservatives are used, this cake was one fresh and refreshing bite after another.

Congratulations to S & J. It was a pleasure working with you both!

Come back next week to see some of our freshest cake designs. In the meantime, enjoy our portfolio at, or join us on twitter.

Aloha, til next time!

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Jennywenny said...

Love the doggy with the goggles! Very cute!

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