Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Doggone Good Doggie Rescue Party

We live for celebrations like last Friday's Doggie Rescue Party. Parties with a purpose filled with creativity and of course, a super fun cake! Our client's daughters are crazy about dogs. They own two adorable Shih Tzu's "Issa" and "Jazzy", and both have a desire to pursue a career involving dogs. One wants to be a Veterinarian or a doggie baker, and the other would like to own a rescue center. Their older daughter is a "walking dog encyclopedia". The party took place at their residence on "Furlough Friday", when some Hawaii state workers take a mandatory day off. It was the perfect time to get a bunch of adults and children together on a day when they would normally be off, and have a big party. Children attending the "Furry Furlough Friday Doggy Party" were invited to bring along their favorite stuffed animal to visit their play Veterinary Center. They were also asked to bring an item to donate to the Animal CARE Foundation. ACF needs any item for the care of animals such as toys, leashes, organic food and cleaners, pet beds, dust-pans, towels, brushes, etc. This gesture is one we find very touching, when children are encouraged by their parents to donate to an organization in lieu of any gifts that they may receive. One of our clients (with the Death Star cake) had children bring a book to donate to a local foundation rather than gifts for her son. We're hoping this is a trend that will continue to catch on!

Rick sculpted a blue super cute doghouse with Jazzy peeking out of it. He used different shades of blue, at the request of our client, and put their dogs names on the house. The entire doghouse, dog and bowl was made out cake, Chocolate Dream to be precise, and was quite large, around 100 servings.

Our client was so kind to share with us the photos taken at the party! These are some happy children! Rick and I were quite intrigued at how the theme of the party was selected and asked our client for more information. She sent me a wonderful email explaining about the party, which I have attached below, at her permission:

Well basically this all started when the whole family was at formal tea on Sunday in Manoa and my 9 year old asked to volunteer at the Humane Society because of her obsession for dogs. I said she couldn't handle that because they put the dogs to sleep if they aren't adopted and she started crying hysterically for the dogs causing a scene. I had to right it in a big way! We started researching no-kill shelters and how kids their age could get involved. (No we are not adopting 50 dogs!) Animal CARE Foundation seemed to have the best philosophy and be well established and respected in the community. We drove by as a family to check it out and called to see how we could help.

This led to the dog themed party with the Pièce de résistance, the cake! Rick surprised us with an exact replica of Jazzy our beloved pooch! The dog house, bowl and bone looked so real and little fingers kept poking at them until served to satisfy curiosity. The colors were beautiful! It was a wonderful gift for the girls and their friends. It all tied together the meaningful cause and fun reason for gathering together.

Guests were asked to donate to the Foundation. We thought about having actual dogs at the party then decided against that possible lawsuit by bitten guests. The girls dream of having their own rescue foundation with a doggy cafe and we are researching what is involved. For now we set up a play center for toy creatures. We did doggy crafts, games, ate human puppy chow and such. Fun times. Sometimes kids get caught up in parties being all about them and we thought this would be a great way to encourage community service and overall a more giving spirit. We like to encourage when the kids are involved in nature and get them away from video games or Hannah Montana. The parents had a fun time and ate lots of cake too! And yes we bounced in the bouncy!

The party and the dog cake were a huge hit, and most importantly, the animals at the Animal CARE Foundation were also happier with their new gifts, courtesy of the children! A big Thank You to our clients for making this very special day possible!

Aloha, 'til next time!

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