Monday, March 8, 2010

Party at the Aquarium

We had a great weekend with some very fun cakes! Saturday's birthday party at the Waikiki Aquarium could not have had a cake that was a better match than this colorful under-the-sea cake. Our clients rented out the Waikiki Aquarium after hours and allowed their guests free reign on the exhibits, then continued the celebration with their delicious Strawberries Chantilly and Hot Fudge Sundae flavored cake. Everything on the cake was handcrafted by Rick and painted by hand, and had an unbelievable amount of detail. Rick went for a more realistic approach to this cake, making fish that would be instantly recognizable. The vibrant kelp and coral seabeds were delicate and lifelike and completely edible, as was the entire cake. The cake was designed to be enjoyed from any angle, including the back. It was a labor intensive design, but very much worth the time spent when we saw our client's reaction, as well as the guests who came over to admire the cake up close. Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

Aloha, 'til next time!


faithy said...

love it! the detailing is amazing! :)

Gem said...

Another amazing cake!

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