Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kellie and Peter's Wedding Cake

Kellie and Peter's beautiful taupe and ivory wedding cake was delivered on the same night as the "50 Goes Fabulous" cake on yesterday's blog. The two cakes couldn't be more different. One was flamboyant and whimsical and the wedding cake was chic and streamlined with an understated elegance. We love the look of both cakes and appreciate the uniqueness of each. Kellie and Peter's wedding took place at Lanikuhonua, a gorgeous oceanfront site in the resort town of Ko Olina. Coordinated by Sandra Williams of Finishing Touch and her team, who always do a such a beautiful job pulling together the details of the event. For Kellie and Peter's wedding, we were in great company, with Yvonne Design, photographer Jose Villa who flew in to shoot the wedding, Poke Stop Catering, Troy Michael DJ, and many others.

Rick designed for Kellie and Peter a 4-tier taupe colored wedding cake with ivory bands and a single handcrafted flower modelled after a custom flower Kellie was planning to wear in her bridal headpiece. It was gorgeous and Kellie looked very happy when we delivered the cake. Congratulations Kellie and Peter!

Aloha, 'til next time!


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

How come you guys don't have your own T.V. Show?

I like Ace of Cakes, but it seems like you guys could have an awesome show as well. Maybe better!

It could be "Kailua Cakesters"!
Don't ya think?

Anyway Love your cakes!!
I loved the Chargers cake you made last year for a wedding! Love the Chargers!

Thanks for sharing your incredible cakes AND talent.

cakelava said...

Wow! Thanks for your enthusiasm! We've had some network interest in this area so you never know what the future could hold. - S + R

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Well we are rooting for you!
I hope it happens, I know my family would watch!
Keep them coming!
Have a great day!

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