Thursday, May 6, 2010

TLC's Best Food Ever - Bodacious Bakeries

All photos courtesy of TLC

Last monday TLC premiered a new 6-episode series called "Best Food Ever", a culinary tour of the nation's best eateries narrated by John Goodman. For a couple of foodies like us, this is our idea of quality television at its finest and thankfully we can watch it in High Definition! I'm a sucker for anything that involves a countdown, especially when it concerns food and not just any food but the best food in a given catergory. Top 10 of anything, sign me up, I'm there, but if it's about food the eats better be good! The series kicked off with "Sensational Sandwiches" which was the most hunger-inducing virtual tour I've taken in a long time. I was completely ruined for the rest of the night and all I could think about was the Cuban pork sandwich at Paseo and when was the next time I could get to Seattle to consume one.

Having already set the DVR to record the next episode "Bodacious Bakeries" which airs on TLC next Monday, May 10th at 9pm EST (3PM Hawaii time) on HD, we were so excited when we were invited by TLC to have an exclusive opportunity to preview the show in advance. As a member of the TLC Cake Crew, watching exclusive sneak peeks is just one of the many perks we've been enjoying. After viewing "Bodacious Bakeries", I must admit, you are in for a real sweet treat with this one! Whether you make cakes, cupcakes, artisan breads or cookies, this is an episode every baker will enjoy, and if you prefer to consume your sweets rather than make them, "Bodacious Bakeries" will have you jumping in your car and heading for the nearest bakery on the list.

By now you must be wondering who is on the list. Isn't that the purpose of watching a countdown, to find out who made the list? I'm not going to ruin it by listing all the names of the bakeries who made the cut and what their position on the countdown is. For that you will have to tune in. I can share a few of the bakeries that will be featured. One of my favorite bakeries Macrina Bakery in Seattle made the cut. Their artisan breads and Lemon tart is to die for!

For the cupcake lovers out there, Galaxy Cupcakes in Georgetown, Texas made the list. Famous for their "cuptails" cocktail flavored cupcakes, at this swanky cuptail lounge you can order a Cosmopolitan, Margarita or Strawberry Daquiri cupcake.

From the whirring sounds of industrial mixers to the rolling of the pastry dough, whether you bake professionally or not, this show is a feast for the senses. With each bakery you are transported into their world and invited to experience the culinary specialties at each location. For those of you who like a good dose of food porn, as we do, it doesn't get any better than a "Better than Sex" brownie, "The Creamy Seduction" cookie and one of my personal faves, a yummy, gooey Peanut Butter French toast on made from scratch Challah bread. Topped with caramelized brown sugar bananas, I could barely contain myself it looked sooo good! Wish I had a photo to share. For those of you desiring something a little more G-rated, there's the "Companies Coming" cake from Brown Betty Dessert Boutique, a delightful bakery in Philadelphia who names their desserts after family members.

The quotes by the customers throughout the show are priceless. Some of my favorites, "We like things big just like Kelly's hair" and "Zesty and creamy, it's just an amazingly alive bursting with flavor experience!" After viewing the Best Food Ever "Bodacious Bakeries" episode, I headed into our kitchen ravenous for sweets. Luckily Rick took mercy on me and fed me a piece of cake. Tonight I will dream of giant bodacious piles of hand-dipped Torrone.

"Best Food Ever: Bodacious Bakeries" airs Monday, May 10th at 9PM EST. For more information on TLC's "Best Food Ever" series including future airdates and upcoming episodes, visit

Aloha, 'til next time!

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Rita said...

Every time I travel somewhere, I always try to seek out cool bakeries in the town I'm in! I will check out this show, it looks awesome!

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