Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Geometric Chic Wedding Cake

We were excited the first time we met with Kassy and Ken to discuss their wedding cake. As soon as Kassy showed us their black and white spiral geometric fabric being used in the wedding we knew this would be a really fun cake for Rick to design. Rather than mimic exactly the pattern on the fabric, Rick chose dramatic square shaped tiers and round geometric patterns, similar to those you might find on a Spirograph. We grew up with the Spirograph toy, first introduced to America in the late 1960's. With the spirograph you could create beautiful, intricate geometric designs on paper, and we wanted to have a similar look on their wedding cake that would compliment the dark pink, black and white decor they would be using at their outdoor wedding. We knew it would be a labor intensive cake to make with all the intricate patterns but Kassy and Ken were worth it. Kassy told us that other than the actual marriage, she was most excited about the cake! Their wedding took place on the grounds of the Loulu Palms Estate on the North Shore. It was the same location (sans rain) as Nakita and Matthew's wedding, which was featured on Friday's blog. The weather was beautiful and the decor was striking with the beautiful pink peonies and other garden flowers contrasting with the bold black and white prints. This lovely oceanfront wedding was coordinated by Heather Hall of Heather Hall Events and everything looked perfect! Even the inside of the couple's cake was filled with some pink color. They chose our Guava Lava flavored cake as well as Rainbowlicious to serve their guests. Congratulations to Kassy and Ken!

Aloha, 'til next time!


Jenniffer said...

OMG! This is so fabulous and trendy! I love it when a couple can really step outside the box and let their true style shine!

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

HOW FUN! I'am so traditional, but I would even do that. The decor is so neat!Love the colors and the cake looks fabulous with it. The weather was probably perfect as well.
Again, nice...very nice.

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