Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot Tub Wedding Cake

Image courtesy of Dave Miyamoto Photography

The way the hot tub wedding cake evolved was an interesting process. Miwa and Darnell originally wanted a traditional wedding cake with a tropical design. They requested to have the cake be mostly white with some plumeria flowers. We came up with some ideas and after discussions about the design, they decided to change directions and go instead with a sculpted cake. We were asked if Rick could make a sculpted bathtub with them in it and some items like a champage bottle, strawberries and chocolate, and to integrate a tropical element that would look like they were bathing outdoors. The bathtub idea evolved into a hot tub, and from there, all the pieces fell into place. They loved the idea, sent us photos of themselves for the custom bride and groom figures and in the months to follow we all got excited about the "hot tub wedding cake". I remember Rick asking several times, "Hey, when is that hot tub wedding cake?" and at some point it was referred to as the "Hot Tub Time Machine", because of the movie with the same title. Miwa and Darnell's wedding reception took place last Friday night at the Presidential Suite of a Waikiki Hotel. They had a big lanai in their suite with the most incredible view overlooking Waikiki. We placed the hot tub wedding cake on a table next to where the couple would later be seated. On Monday we recieved a call from Darnell saying how much they loved their cake and it was a huge hit with the guests. It was a hit with us as well! We will long remember Miwa and Darnell relaxing and clinking champagne glasses in their "Just Married" hot tub wedding cake!

Aloha, 'til next time!


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Ha! So cute and fun!

cakelava said...

Thank you! This couple was so much fun to work with too!

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