Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yoda Cake

The Force was definitely with Rick last week, as all the stars in the galaxy lined up and granted him one of his cake wishes -- to make a full body STAR WARS Yoda cake. Rick has been wanting to make a Yoda cake for a while. He's come close a number of times, until someone decides they would rather have a different figure, or the Millennium Falcon. He's made numerous Millennium Falcons, R2-D2's and the Death Star. He also made a cupcake tower with handcrafted Star Wars figurines back in the days when we were crazy enough to do it. If you want to see tireless dedication to one's craft, there is no finer example than a Star Wars cupcake tower with a sculpted Death Star on top! The common link in each of Rick's Star Wars cakes is that they were all made for men, or in some cases, young boys, like Dean, an absolutely adorable 6-year old Star Wars fanatic whose favorite characters are Luke Skywalker and Yoda. When we heard from his mother that Dean was having a Star Wars themed birthday party and loved Yoda as much as Rick, we knew it was a match made in intergalatic heaven! Dean could have the cake of his dreams and Rick could fulfill his geeky cake fantasy. This yoda cake, our newest Star Wars challenge, easily goes on the list of "Cakes We Wish We Had Growing Up", and also one of our favorite Star Wars cakes in our collection!

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