Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guest Blogging on Half Baked - The Cake Blog

cake design by Rick Reichart

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest blogger on one of Rick's and my favorite blogs, "Half Baked - The Cake Blog".  cakelava is a Top Tier vendor on Half Baked and has been featured several times on the blog, including their "Fabulous Cake Fridays".  Carrie Sellman, the owner of Half Baked gave birth to a baby girl last week and recruited a number of people to blog on her behalf.  I ecstatically accepted the challenge to blog.  

There is an interesting story behind Allison and Marlon's wedding cake, shown above, which you can read about in my guest post today, "Hawaiian Fall Wedding".  Allison and Marlon, who reside in San Francisco were married on August 9, 2010 (8-9-10).  They were a super sweet couple and so easy to work with.  They gave us a beautiful fabric piece to use as inspiration, which you will read about on Half Baked. 

Also recruited for my guest blog feature was two top notch vendors who would help me create a Hawaiian Fall Wedding inspiration board.  Faigy from Decadent Cookie Favours in Toronto, Canada created the amazing cookies that perfectly matched the cake and Stacey from Emi Ink, located here on Oahu created beautiful custom invitations and guest cards for the blog.  Working with Faigy and Stacey was such a pleasure and I have been looking forward to our blog post ever since!  As you'll learn in the post, neither Faigy or Stacey saw the cake in advance.  They strictly worked off the same fabric piece we did.  Many, many thanks to Faigy, Stacey and Carrie, and of course Rick, for sharing their incredible talents with me, for a very good cause!  

For anyone interested in getting their hands on these incredible cookies or the paperie, please contact Decadent Cookie Favours or Emi Ink directly. 


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