Friday, September 10, 2010


One of our stops on our recent trip to Orlando was the LEGO store and if you haven't experienced one, they are a real treat! We were trying as much as possible to keep work to a minimum on our trip, but knowing we had a LEGO themed cake on the books for nearly a year, we couldn't help but think about the design as we roamed through the store. Being in the environment proved to be creatively inspiring and over the weekend we helped Mason celebrate his birthday with a cute and colorful LEGO themed design. Rick has made cakes for this client's other children and she happily placed the entire design in his hands. What a sweet cake this was, from the individual lego pieces to the handcrafted lego people on top and around the cake. We can't help but smile when we look at it! Hopefully it put a big grin on Mason's face too!

Photographed at the Orlando LEGO store.We couldn't resist a photo op with Toy Story's "Woody" who was made entirely out of LEGO's!

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cookies and cups said...

Such an awesome cake!!!
Your site is great :)

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