Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Miami Dolphins Helmet Wedding Cake


For some unexplainable reason, on Saturday we had two football themed cakes, and one of them was actually a wedding cake!  We get the sculpted football cake request somewhat regularly and make the occasional football helmet which is much more difficult than the football shaped cake.  For months we've had these two football cakes on our calendar for November 13th, one being a Heisman trophy which can send one into a little panic attack, and this sculpted Miami Dolphins Football Helmet wedding cake with custom bride and groom toppers waving penant flags. The funny thing about these football themed cakes is that Rick is not a sports fan. Turn on a football game and he will probably leave the room, yet, he puts just as much time and attention into these cakes as he does themes that he is more interested in.  He knows how important football is for the client and he wants to give them his best effort.

Our dedication to football aside, Rick and I both fell in love with Kristi and Justin's Miami Dolphins Football helmet wedding cake.  It was a perfect match for the couple who were having a non-traditional wedding reception, complete with casino tables.  Rick made handcrafted custom figures of the bride and groom in their wedding attire to be placed on top of the helmet and it really took the cake to the next level.  Their love of The Miami Dolphins and of each other made for a winning union -- Touchdown!


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Stephanie said...

Fabulous! The bride and groom look great, as does the dolphin emblem.

Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

That is so cute! Fun couple.

Linda said...

I love your cake. The owner of the cakery where I work made one and something seemed off. Now that I see yours, I can see where. Gorgeous work. But we all already know that! This just gives me more anticipation of taking the class in March in Canada. I can't wait.

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