Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Naomi and Roy's "Pillows" cake


In the past couple of weeks Rick has had the opportunity to recreate some of his previous designs.  Our "Pillows" cake has been widely circulated on the internet and in print since 2008 when it was designed for a wedding.  The original "pillows" cake had an Indian flair to it because it was designed for yoga instructors.  On October 30th, a few hours before the "Dia de los Muertos" wedding cake was delivered to Katie and Chuck, we celebrated Naomi and Roy's wedding at an oceanfront venue in Ko Olina.  Naomi and Roy's wedding colors were metallic blues, greens and purples and their accent color was coffee brown.  The couple are Filipino and desired to have their heritage integrated into the design and provided us with Filipino patterns to use on the pillows.  It looked absolutely gorgeous and was meaningful to the couple.  For the Indian pillows cake Rick made handcrafted whimsical looking stylized flowers and for Naomi and Roy, opted for more delicate orchids in whites and soft pinks.   Congratulations to Naomi and Roy!

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Pink Little Cake said...

Beautiful!! I love the metallic colors.

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