Friday, February 18, 2011

A Celebration of Love and Family

Image above by Rita Coury Photography

We were honored to be asked by the family, who are regular clients of ours, to make a cake that would celebrate the couple's 18 year wedding anniversary.  It was important to them that the cake represent the union of the couple and their two beautiful daughters.  The idea of including the family was truly touching to us and Rick set out to design a cake that would represent one of their favorite activities of going to the beach.  He has made similar designs that had a tropical beach setting with handcrafted custom figures enjoying an activity on the island, and it worked perfectly for our clients' needs. 

The family chose our popular Guava Lava cake for their celebration.  Rick spent many hours carefully sculpting the custom figures modelled in the likeness of each member of the family, and making the surfboards, palm trees, turtles and other tropical accents.  He placed Hawaiian plumeria flowers on the cake and a sign that said "18th" to honor the 18 years of marriage of the couple. 

Photographer Rita Coury of Rita Coury Photography, took the beautiful photo above of the family who was all smiles with their cake.  They have been clients of ours for a number of years and Rita really captured the warmth and cheerful personalities of the family as we know them.  We want to thank the family and Rita for sharing with us their photos. Check out Rita's website to see the gorgeous images in her portfolio!
More cakes to come next week! 


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! You guys rock:)

-Rita Coury

cakelava said...

You are so welcome, Rita. Awesome photos!

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