Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keroppi From Donut Pond

After yesterday's post about the Hello Kitty cakes, I decided it would be fun to stay and frolic some more in the world of Sanrio and share with you another cake we recently made. This lil' guy is named Keroppi and was the theme of a recent birthday party we did. If you're like Rick and I, in the age group of 35-40+ and grew up with the old school Sanrio characters (Hello Kitty, Little Twinstars, My Melody, etc) , then you may not know who this character is. We didn't, but our client Gina englightened us. Thank you, Gina! Apparently his real name is Hasunoe Keroppi and he was "born" into the world of Sanrio on July 10, 1987. He also goes by Kerokerokeroppi. There are five members in his family and they all live happily together at the Kerokero house in his hometown of Donut Pond. Sounds like a pretty sweet life!

Our Keroppi cake isn't up yet on but will be soon, along with other new cakes.

1 comment:

sjremigio said...

love Keroppi and absolutely LOVE your cake! I was wondering what the topper was made of... is it a cookie?

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