Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas -- Was it a Merry One?

The past several days have been a blur, one of those times when you can't quite remember what day it is, and the only reason I know what date it is, is because of the events and meetings we had. We did have a wonderful Christmas which was immediately followed by -- you may have heard on the news -- a blackout on the entire island of Oahu on December 26th. Yes, the busiest shopping day of the year, and yes, Pres. Elect Barack Obama was here in Kailua vacationing at the time -- and yes, we're all fine with no major harm done apart from the major inconvenience of it all.

Quite a few good things have happened over these past several days, some of them in our personal lives, and some in our professional lives. One of those so called "good things" was getting to see the newest issue of grace ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, which is always a treat! We did a photo shoot for the Spring/Summer 2009 issue with Grace and the Wedding Style team, Stefanie Riedel of Absolutely Loved and Eugene Kam Photography earlier in the year, and are now able to see some of the fruits of our labor in print. Inside the issue, apart from some beautiful cakes are the usual amazing tabletops and floral designs, some of which were created by some of Hawaii's best vendors. To see a few of the cakes in the editorial called "The Biggest Piece" visit the Wedding Style Magazine website. We really enjoyed working with all the vendors at the shoot and of course the Grace Ormonde team!

See some of our newest cakes posted recently on

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