Monday, December 1, 2008

Sumotori Airlines

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and had a chance to connect with their families. Apart from Thanksgiving dinner with some friends of ours and phone calls to our families on the mainland, we worked through the weekend making some really fun cakes. It figures that during a holiday weekend when we were not able to fly out to be with our parents to celebrate, that we would make an airplane cake. We're not complaining though, how often does one get to make a "Sumotori" Airlines airplane? Probably not too often because the brand doesn't exist, except for in the creative mind of our client, whose brother is a pilot. As a gift for her brother Wesley's 30th Birthday, she purchased him a sculpted cake plane of his very own in our Totally Turtle flavor. We were supplied with the logo of the sumo wrestler, which we added to the rear wing. I loved everything about this plane, and with a funny logo like that, how can you not smile? Delivering the Sumotori Airplane to the Waikiki restaurant made for some interesting reactions from tourists in the hotel and diners in the restaurant. Rick carried the plane the whole way, including onto an escalator leading to the restaurant. Carrying a cake onto an escalator is always fun! *wink* It's difficult to tell in the photo above, but the wings of the plane were expansive, and we had to be careful not to clip the wings when people walked by.

Hopefully Wesley had sweet dreams about flying the Sumotori skies that night. Thank you to our client Rose for including us in Wesley's special day! For two cakesters who felt a little homesick, if we could, we would have gladly tried to board the cake. I'll take the window seat!

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